21st Century Art Salons

The Venetian Arts Society is a cultural arts organization that provides a unique opportunity in South Florida for those looking for an inspiring artistic experience, stimulating conversation and a connection with artists and like-minded arts enthusiasts. The purpose is to satisfy all the senses enriching the emotional and spiritual being.

… above and beyond life’s trivialities. 


The concept is modeled after the popular Salons that flourished all over Europe, especially France in the 17th and 18th centuries.  These Salons, usually in private residences of the wealthy, were a place where artists and arts-enthusiasts would meet to enjoy all the visual, performing, and literary arts, as well as philosophy, science, and politics.  These Salons often showcased the great minds, artists, and performers of the day such as Voltaire, Mozart, Monet, Paganini, Picasso, Chopin, Heifetz, and Hemingway.

Fast forward to today, the Venetian Arts Society showcases top level artistic talent in every art discipline, for the delight of those in our community who appreciate it, in an intimate and interactive setting.

We hold a variety of monthly events in art galleries, historical venues, artists studios, museums, and even some spectacular private homes.

Become a member and enjoy the arts!

VAS Happenings

New Season, New Ideas, More Extraordinary Experiences

New Season, New Ideas, More Extraordinary Experiences

Venetian Arts Society is about to begin our 5th season and what a season it will be! Our goal is to offer our members the most comprehensive and diverse artistic experiences possible and 2015-2016 will have fine-tuned this goal and thrown a few spectacular surprises... read more

Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them humanity cannot survive.
– Dalai Lama

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To see the entire collection of articles and blog posts about our events and featured artists, from day one,  and up to the launch of this new website, visit our old blog site

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