At 6 years of age, the Venetian Arts Society (VAS) has experienced some miraculous growth and changes. Today, we are preparing for yet another metamorphosis!
The extraordinary growth VAS has experienced, especially in the last year, demands some changes.  We are very grateful to our highly discriminating members and supporters for your appreciation of the sophisticated  presentations VAS offers. We are highly aware of our responsibility to maintain these high standard and even to “out do” ourselves with new and innovative event concepts and world class master artists !

The last 2 Salons, UP CLOSE & PERSONAL with Tony DeSare and our tribute to the legendary Renata Scotto, La SeRenata: Voices in the Gallery with Magda Nieves, were extraordinary events. Within the last two months we have been presented with some wonderful opportunities that not only ensure the continuity of VAS at the level our community has come to expect, but also warrants a “pause” for careful evaluation.

We are sincerely grateful for the generous support of our sponsors, members, and the community at large and we are confident that these will be a win-win for all involved.
In the style and spirit of the  Venetian Arts Society signature experience, we will enthusiastically continue to present our premier salons in various settings, with their pre-concert Wine Social, the Salon Concert, and the Champagne Reception with the artists following the concert.
Our next event is Rhapsody in The Sky, The Art of Living, showcasing the latest work of my firm, Inspired Interiors, at the penthouse home of Dr. George and Jana Hanbury. This premier event is planned for June (details on the events section of our website).  In addition, our upcoming roster of Salons for the 2016-2017 season consists of array of world class artists, chosen specifically to project the innovative standards we are after.
The basic premise of the Venetian Arts Society experience is to nourish the mind, body, and soul of all individuals in our community, regardless of race, creed, color, socio-economic levels, sexual orientation… or stage of life.
The dream has become a reality!  Thank you dear friends, you are… “wind beneath our wings”